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The wood and bracing in each guitar are carefully hand tuned to produce a rich sound responsive to the lightest touch but capable of great volume if necessary.  Neck width and scale length can often be selected to meet the player�s needs.  Intonation is carefully set with both bridge saddle and nut compensation.  Decorative elements are tasteful and restrained.  For players who perform standing using a strap, a �wedge� body shape is offered as an option on most models.  On these guitars, the treble side is deeper than the bass side, allowing the right forearm (of right-handed players) to move comfortably cross the top.  This also allows the performer a more natural view of the instrument. 

Ashton Taylor guitars are primarily designed as acoustical instruments, but electronic pickups can be installed.  Schatten passive under-top pickups can be ordered for any of the styles listed.  The passive type is recommended to avoid battery leakage inside the guitar and to make use of the better electronics of outboard preamplifiers.  Soundhole magnetic pickups may also be used on steel string guitars.

Woods listed in the specifications are the �standard� woods for that style.  Any appropriate wood may be substituted; some tone woods are very expensive and may result in a higher price.  Likewise, �standard� tuners are good grade basic tuners.  Upgrades are available at increased prices.  The neck joint of most models is a Spanish foot style joint.  Steel-string guitars have adjustable truss rods.  Ashton Taylor Guitars are finished with the unique process of Shellac base coats topped with  Lacquer for added durabilility.  Finishes are very thin for increased responsiveness.  Standard Model Guitars start at $3750.

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OM / 000          12 or14 Fret "D"          Requinto / Ukes / Octave Guitar / Bass

7 String "Danny McKnight"        Travel Guitar

Custom Grand Concert

Custom Built Telescope

Style MK

Learn To Play Delta Blues Guitar 6 DVD Set

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